2016 Webinar Series

An Inside Look at One Association’s Journey to Grow an
eLearning Program

Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) serves more than 18,000 members from virtually every discipline related to food science and technology. Seeking to provide the best educational opportunities to their members who stretch out across 100+ countries, IFT recognized their program had a lot of room for improvement so they set out to find a new learning management system (LMS) that would provide online synchronous and asynchronous courses, web meetings, webinars, and interactive eLearning solutions for its members around the world. Their primary objectives were to improve user experience by finding a web-based solution that enabled their users to easily find and purchase content of interest, provided 24/7 access, allowed for extensive multimedia applications, and was mobile-friendly.

If your organization is thinking about choosing a new LMS or wants to begin or enhance an
eLearning program, we invite you to hear first-hand about IFT's experience and lessons learned along the way. During this webinar, we'll cover:

  The process of choosing a new LMS
  What implementation was like and lessons learned  
  Actions taken to grow and promote an eLearning program
  Results achieved


    Kara Adams                        Jodi Ray
  The Institute of Food                              Blue Sky eLearn
   Technologists (IFT)